Police Suicide: Shining a Light

A one day symposium designed to promote awareness and prevention.

Presented by York Regional Police and the Ontario Police Video Training Alliance

On so many levels, the members of a law enforcement agency look, sound and feel… like family. We work together… we socialize with each other… and most importantly we’re there for each other when it matters most. Like any family, we are all shaken by the loss of one of our own. But when that loss comes at a member’s own hand, we struggle to make sense of the situation. In a profession where strength, resilience and the ability to solve problems are both revered and expected, police suicide is a topic that produces discomfort and, too often, silence. Only through awareness, and having the courage to ask for and offer support, will we begin to change the culture, recognizing mental health and suicide prevention as important components of officer safety.

The symposium will feature the following guest speakers:

Plus…”Family Reflections” from members of police families affected by suicide.

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